Supporting extraordinary, educational, charitable and
      religious programs as part of First Lutheran Church since 1985.


About Us

In the mid 1960s, Senior Pastor James Homme asked parishioners Duane Evenson, Anna Cass, Bill Korn, Debbie Wing, Ralph Guettinger, and Tom Guelzow to consider and deliberate the merits of a Foundation at First Lutheran. It was determined the Foundation would offer three significant advantages:

• it would serve as an intelligent investment and estate
   planning vehicle for saints who would prefer to further
   God’s work than to pay additional taxes.
• it would provide a mechanism for facilitating and wisely
   investing funds not intended to be spent immediately.
• it would provide an ability to better utilize the gifts in
   accordance with the wishes of the giver.

Foundation documents are drafted to assure the Foundation’s purpose is to preserve the funds of the Foundation, retain the corpus, and use the investment earnings solely to meet the special needs of the congregation as determined through the advice and guidance from the Congregation Council. The purpose of the Foundation is never to substitute in any way for the financial stewardship expected of members in their support of the congregation’s ongoing ministries.

Initial fund-raising efforts for the Foundation had moderate success. The first substantial gift was from the Ellie Otteson estate in 1992 with the directions to use the gift for the care, comfort, and entertainment of the elderly. These funds provided the seed money for a 36-unit independent living facility for older adults, fully funds the Parish Nurse ministry at First Lutheran Church, and supports other initiatives to serve seniors.

Today, First Lutheran Foundation as been blessed by the donations, memorial gifts, and estate designations of countless generous people. As the Foundation grows, so too does the opportunity for outreach in the name of Jesus Christ.

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